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Pastime Paradise

I was working alone today and decided to play some music on my phone while I changed filenames on our outdated Mac. I have access to a great service through my public library called Hoopla. I was browsing and saw they had Stevie Wonder’s album Songs in the Key of Life. I remember seeing this album cover at a neighbor’s house back when I was in Junior High. I was captivated with the artwork and wanted to listen to it, but could not. So I borrowed it today and started to listen. I was amazed when song eight (“Pastime Paradise”) started because I hear that music almost daily on my son’s mp3 player. It’s the music to “Amish Paradise” by “Weird Al” Yankovic, which I know is a parody of Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise.” I am still amazed that I went without hearing the song or most of the songs on this album for most of my life.

In a funny twist, I am taking a creative writing class and we are are currently studying how to do close reading of prose and poetry and one of our assignments is to change the words of someone else’s poem but keep the rhythm.

This is the kind of cool surprise I like from life.

Wednesday with Rare Birds

It’s Wednesday. One part-time job done for the week and the other to start tomorrow. More reading and studying before a quiz tomorrow. More shaking my head and wondering what this country is heading into. Wondering what kind of world it really is that some people want for their kids because they certainly don’t want the kind of world I do. Wondering what kind of people choose to stay clueless and believe without a doubt that every single person in this country has the option to make the same choices and succeed. Wondering if they will ever change and wondering if they won’t, will their kids? Wondering when this country will embrace science and education again. Too many questions and not enough answers. Too much greed and not enough love. Not enough Sympathy or Empathy.

Sympathy” by Rare Bird (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXdwBY-w3dE) which I first heard of when this song was covered by Marillion. I would attach that video too, but there isn’t a good version out there currently.

Good night music nerds.

Up Late

I stayed up later than I meant to doing my Ocean Systems homework so here is a song about water and death by Marillion. It is based on the true story of Donald Campbell  who had set out to break the water speed record and perished in his rocket ship Bluebird. The lyrics touch me more every time I hear them and empathize more with his widowed wife. Enjoy Out of This World (live) originally from the 1995 album Afraid of Sunlight.