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Monday Night

Apparently this never posted, so here is Monday’s post, but on a Wednesday. I was also sure I posted something yesterday, but I see no sign of it now. Time to reboot and start my daily blog now. Because no time is better than right now to start working on the next chapter of your life/project/book.

It’s noisy tonight. Keyboards clacking, rescue sirens blaring, and wicked winds howling. This is winter on my hill, in my town, in my state on February the eleventh.

Today I have learned some interesting things:

  • There is a dessert called King Cake
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda is going to appear on Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • I might be playing SimCity BuildIt too much
  • I still can’t stand people reading over my shoulder when I type
  • I both dread the day my child becomes a pod person who never talks to adults and kind of can’t wait for it

That’s all for tonight. Have a good tomorrow, whatever day it is that you’re reading this.