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Making Regular Life More Like Camping

My family likes camping. When we go camping we have so much fun just being outside with almost none of our belongings that we realize we don’t need so much. For years I have been wishing my life was more free from clutter, like it is when we are camping. So I am going to work toward that goal and document it here. Even if you don’t want your life to be like mine, you may find something interesting or entertaining.

One of the most important things to do is think about what you need on an extended camping trip and then build up from there. For example, what pans do you when you’re on a camping trip? I would say one frying pan and one stock pot. Now is that enough for your day-to-day life or do you need to add more? Can you get by with two plates and two bowls or do you need more for occasional entertaining? Is there a reason to have those special pans or can you make the regular pan do the work of the special pan. As a side note, some libraries now loan out special cake and candy pans so you don’t need to invest money or storage space to own one.

Think about when you are at your happiest and strive to make your life like that as often as you can.



Political Rant

I finished reading White Rage by Carol Anderson and I am livid at politicians for what they have done to ruin this country.

Let’s get rid of political parties and instead let every politician to stand behind his or her word? Get money, gerrymandering, and hate out of Washington.

Poverty, our gutted educational system, and the creation of “the drug problem” is the fault of politicians on both sides and it all needs to be fixed. Fund education, decriminalize drug addiction, and give us a health system that will treat everything for everyone every time.

Republicans used to be for an integrated, equal America and Democrats were not. Somewhere between Lydon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon, that flipped. It is dangerous to follow a party blindly. We all need to be Independents and we all need to care for everyone in this country and every other country like family.

Weekend Fun

We’ve replaced the wax ring on our toilet today and now it’s not flushing so we’re going to have to get a toilet snake and clean the pipe. Dang. Luckily this is not costing anywhere near what the water heater we just had installed did, but it’s all cutting into the extremely tight budget we have being students working part-time and raising a child.

The worst thing though, all of this started after I gave notice at one of my two part-time jobs. My last day there was this past Monday. It’s a great place and they offered me decent flexibility, but it was cutting into my family time and it was exhausting me because it wasn’t a job I could just show up for and do. I was responsible for making sure the front desk was staffed at all times and being on call like that was just too much while also going to school and trying to make sure my son was getting all his homework done. It would be perfect if I could write and edit from home as a second part-time job. If any of you know needs someone to do that, let me know.

Wednesday with Rare Birds

It’s Wednesday. One part-time job done for the week and the other to start tomorrow. More reading and studying before a quiz tomorrow. More shaking my head and wondering what this country is heading into. Wondering what kind of world it really is that some people want for their kids because they certainly don’t want the kind of world I do. Wondering what kind of people choose to stay clueless and believe without a doubt that every single person in this country has the option to make the same choices and succeed. Wondering if they will ever change and wondering if they won’t, will their kids? Wondering when this country will embrace science and education again. Too many questions and not enough answers. Too much greed and not enough love. Not enough Sympathy or Empathy.

Sympathy” by Rare Bird ( which I first heard of when this song was covered by Marillion. I would attach that video too, but there isn’t a good version out there currently.

Good night music nerds.

Up Late

I stayed up later than I meant to doing my Ocean Systems homework so here is a song about water and death by Marillion. It is based on the true story of Donald Campbell  who had set out to break the water speed record and perished in his rocket ship Bluebird. The lyrics touch me more every time I hear them and empathize more with his widowed wife. Enjoy Out of This World (live) originally from the 1995 album Afraid of Sunlight.

Rock and Roll

I’m taking a history of Rock and Roll class this semester and it reminds me of all the different music I have loved during my life. Although I listen to Marillion almost exclusively these days, watching the assigned videos from Time / Life
and reading my textbook, have me itching to go back and hear some of the old stuff that I missed before or forgot about. Tonight I watched the segment on Soul music. Walk through the door to these great sounds with me if you like, and invite others to join us: “What’s Going On?” from Marvin Gaye ought to start the journey nicely.

Clearing Cobwebs

Here are two more things that are part of my reboot: Drink less caffeine and Drink less sugary drinks. This is because for years I have been relying on caffeine to keep my under rested body awake and it no longer works. My son was home sick this Wednesday and
Thursday and I stayed with him. I had a coffee Wednesday morning and still fell asleep sitting in a computer chair watching the Netflix series “Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events.” I got up, had a small amount of caffeinated pop and fell asleep a few minutes later in the same chair. These drinks no longer work for me. That was the last day I had coffee. I had a small amount of my son’s root beer on Saturday but have gone without pop the rest of the weekend. I am still tired, but my brain is starting to clear and I hope I will be able to focus much better by the end of the week. Keeping clear of the Code Red Mountain Dew in the pop machine at the university might be the hardest part.

To remind myself what I’m doing, here’s my list so far:

  • Write More
  • Sleep More
  • Drink Less Caffeine
  • Drink Less Sugary Drinks

That ought to do for tonight.

Women’s March v. Sleep

I did not go to march at the state capitol like I had intended. I had made plans but I decided I needed to stay home and work on the rebooting I mentioned yesterday. For most of the adult portion of my 45 years I have been exhausted. There have been times in my life where my sleep debt was so high (owning a restaurant, being pregnant, being a mother to a boy who didn’t sleep through the night until he was about 5, the list goes on) that I had micro sleep attacks while driving. I have been having them again and decided I wasn’t going to risk driving an hour and half away from home to march just to end up in a ditch along the highway. So, after a restless night’s sleep, I cancelled my plans and went back to bed. I slept about 10 hours total. Then after being up long enough to have breakfast, lunch, and a short walk in the park, I took a two hour nap. Yeah. I am finally admitting how much sleep I need. So, for those keeping score, #2 on my list is Sleep More. There are other things that will make it to the list after I sleep on it a bit more.


I have been inspired by Wil Wheaton to reboot my life. (See here). He’s been mostly successful for well over a year and many of the things he rebooted will be what I reboot. First is writing more, so I am going to do what he did this past December and attempt to write something everyday. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering; pretty much
anything will do to get me on track with what is truly important to me. So I’m going to think about things that need hacked, tweaked, and even removed from my life. This will allow me to work toward being the best me I can be which, I believe, is the me my family deserves.

Be on the look out for more musings and what will finally be my master reboot list.