Saturday A.M. at WMU

Sculpture inside Dalton Center at Western Michigan University.

Merrick is taking an art class at WMU and rather than drive back home I stick around campus and hang out with my homework. I took a few pictures with my phone this past weekend and while they’re not great, they represent some of what I love about campus.

Sprau Tower seen from inside Dalton Center at Western Michigan University.

I have a student job here and would love to work in the library full-time but openings don’t come up often. I am in a spot right now where I want to stay and apply for an opening that might happen after summer but I am looking at full-time jobs in other fields because I only have four classes left before I have my bachelor’s degree.

Looking east to Dunbar Hall, Sprau Tower, and Brown Hall at Western Michigan University.

I am unsure what to do in the future. I planned to go on and get a Masters in Library and Information Science but now I wonder if I should hang up that dream, since good library jobs are so hard to secure, and settle for something that might not be my preferred field, but pays the bills. That question is going to have to be answered soon, but for now I will enjoy getting to visit and work on this campus.

Looking east to Sprau Tower, Brown Hall, and Miller Auditorium at Western Michigan University.

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