2019 Open for Business

Photo of desk with lamp, writing reference books, Steve Hogarth books, writing utensils, and paper clip holder.
Resources are Ready for 2019

With each new calendar year and each new school year I evaluate what’s going on in my life and what direction I want it to go. I always come back to writing. I decide I will push through whatever else is going on with my life and make my writing dreams come true; and then I get caught up in my schoolwork and taking care of my family and home and promptly forget I had decided to make my writing a priority.

This year I have a reason to do better. My husband started graduate school this month and I still have three semesters of part-time classes to get through before my bachelor’s is finished. Because my husband is a graduate student now, he no longer gets pell or other government grants and his student aid refund was much lower than we expected. Graduate students are of course encouraged NOT to hold a job while going to school so they can concentrate on their studies, so he hadn’t been looking one. (His employment as a student research assistant ended this week.) I have a part-time student job as well as my student aid, but it is not going to get us through summer. So, time to bring in some more cash if possible.

If you know anyone who needs a freelance writer. I can write on a variety of topics and my starting rate is $.10 per word. I have worked in libraries for over 15 years so I know how to research. For the last five years I have been taking classes which require a number of papers. I received an A on all of them (I would be happy to provide samples). My real world experience in libraries and restaurants required me to write employee handbooks and technical manuals so I am also comfortable with that type of writing. Creative fiction and non-fiction are favorites of mine and I will showcase samples in the near future.

Good luck getting your dreams and goals off the ground in 2019!

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