Spring? Winter? Summer? What Time of the Year is it?

Spring semester is winding down. Even though we are still getting snow in this part of the country; summer vacation starts in two weeks. It’s surreal to be sitting under the heat vent and planning for summer.

It is also surreal to be planning for life after school. I am going to try to finish next year before I reach the maximum amount I can borrow from the Department of Education. It is going to be a hard semester, but I have my husband in my corner and will seek out help caring for my son as needed. I have never been good at asking for help, always wanting to be a superwoman instead, but I am going to try growing up and asking for help before I get in over my head and start panicking.

I also am going to make reading and writing for pleasure, and listening to music each day habits. If they are habits I will be more likely to de-stress with them even when my final year of school gets crazy and I feel like I don’t have the time to do anything fun.


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