Changes are Constant

Life throws twists and turns often. Mine haven’t been that drastic and most of them I have implemented. I was getting ready to change majors and commit myself to going two years longer to finish a bachelors in a subject I am interested in and thought would have a higher income. I have been taking classes this semester that are required to get Bs or better in before the major can be declared. Currently I have a B in one and an A in the other. Lots of homework, 2 tests, and 2 exams left before next week shows the final grade.

I thought my son was better adjusted at his new school and it would be no problem to take traditional vs. online classes because I would still be able to pick him up from school each day. I didn’t count on a note from his teacher telling me that he was having trouble focusing on his own work instead of trying to help other kids with theirs. I know he’s like that at home but I assumed he was better at school. Then he started getting more notes sent home for various other things. His school is big and it’s packed with kids. He gets one recess a day and it’s at his lunchtime. When I was his age I had 3 recesses. School is different than it used to be and for the last two years I have seriously been thinking about homeschooling. I am ready to do it now. I am ready to take this chance to know who my son is and help him focus on the important things in life. I am lucky that this town has free museums, great libraries, and a teacher’s college that often has low-cost programs for kids. It’s going to be bumpy at first but we will figure it out.

Now I need to get back to studying.