Weekend Fun

We’ve replaced the wax ring on our toilet today and now it’s not flushing so we’re going to have to get a toilet snake and clean the pipe. Dang. Luckily this is not costing anywhere near what the water heater we just had installed did, but it’s all cutting into the extremely tight budget we have being students working part-time and raising a child.

The worst thing though, all of this started after I gave notice at one of my two part-time jobs. My last day there was this past Monday. It’s a great place and they offered me decent flexibility, but it was cutting into my family time and it was exhausting me because it wasn’t a job I could just show up for and do. I was responsible for making sure the front desk was staffed at all times and being on call like that was just too much while also going to school and trying to make sure my son was getting all his homework done. It would be perfect if I could write and edit from home as a second part-time job. If any of you know needs someone to do that, let me know.

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