Women’s March v. Sleep

I did not go to march at the state capitol like I had intended. I had made plans but I decided I needed to stay home and work on the rebooting I mentioned yesterday. For most of the adult portion of my 45 years I have been exhausted. There have been times in my life where my sleep debt was so high (owning a restaurant, being pregnant, being a mother to a boy who didn’t sleep through the night until he was about 5, the list goes on) that I had micro sleep attacks while driving. I have been having them again and decided I wasn’t going to risk driving an hour and half away from home to march just to end up in a ditch along the highway. So, after a restless night’s sleep, I cancelled my plans and went back to bed. I slept about 10 hours total. Then after being up long enough to have breakfast, lunch, and a short walk in the park, I took a two hour nap. Yeah. I am finally admitting how much sleep I need. So, for those keeping score, #2 on my list is Sleep More. There are other things that will make it to the list after I sleep on it a bit more.

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