All Good Summers Must Come to an End

Summer vacation is wrapping up this week and I am sad to see it go. I have not blogged as much as I’d hoped but that is mostly because my summer has been filled with a lot of organizing and weeding of possessions, filling out job applications, and trying to keep up with a seven year-old. This is the most time I’ve spent with my family since my son was born. Even though it can be stressful not having much time alone, it’s so much better than being away five days a week most every week. I loved the people I worked with at my old job and the work I did was pleasant, but full-time work is tiring and I don’t want this to end. Tuesday it’s back to school for all three of the humans in our little family. The dog will be very upset that her mid-day city park visits will be over.

This past month I have felt much healthier than I have in a very long time and I hope having work and school responsibilities again will not make my progress go backwards. We were able to take a day trip to the Indiana Dunes State Park the other day. Lake Michigan was too rough to even wade in, but hearing the water and being in the sand was wonderful. Everyone’s life should be filled with more days at the beach, forest, and mountains.


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