It’s a Place Downstate Called Home

We’ve made it to our new home. We still have to take care of gettng a few odds and ends out of our apartment and scrubbing it clean, but we are here. Our new place is 340 square feet smaller and it’s a challenge to maneuver around all our boxes, but we’ll tame it all shortly, I hope before school starts up in the fall. I have a feeling a lot of our belongings will be donated.

I have 6 weeks and 1 day left of work. It is going to be weird not going to a job, but I am looking forward to it. I am ready to immerse myself in learning and in chasing my dreams instead of a paycheck.

Back to School

I have decided to quit my full-time job and go back to school. My husband, who has been a stay-at-home dad will also be a full-time student. In theory we will have plenty of time to get it all done during the day and devote evenings to our son and our sanity. I plan to
chronicle the highlights and challenges here for all to read and hopefully give everyone a good chuckle.