Impression 5

There’s a great place for kids in Lansing, Michigan called Impression 5. It’s a science museum where for the majority of the exhibits kids are encouraged to use all five of their senses to have fun. I took my six year old son there yesterday and he had fun playing with the large foam construction blocks. He played with other kids and they all built a two-room house together. There are also dominoes, Legos, a bubble room, and so much more.

There is camera outside pointed at a bird feeder and kids can operate the controls to get the view they want. Cameras are also inside the frog and fish tanks.

The big kids water room is currently under construction and won’t reopen until June 2017, but if you have little ones under the age of 4 there is a great water table for them.
It’s a great open space to spend a day when the long winter days have made home too cramped.