Got a Feeling 2016 is Gonna be a Good Year

New year, new website. I don’t normally start new things on the first of the year due to high failure rate, but I’ve put this off long enough.

I returned to college a year and a half ago and this year my husband has decided to return as well. In about 4 years (he’s going full-time, I’m part-time) we should both be college graduates. So what does one do when already working full-time, raising a small child, and taking college classes? Start a second job as a writer of course.

I love to write on a variety of topics; fiction, non-fiction, poetry, I love it all. I even enjoy writing procedures and meeting minutes at my full-time job. I hope to have a large collection of writing samples on this page by the end of 2016.

Hope we all have a great year.